I made you a special Christmas present.

It’s a stunningly original rendition of White Christmas! Score! Watch here:



This video was a little bit of a disaster, but when there’s a will, there simply must be a way. Life presents you a hurdle and what do you do? You straddle it!! So about a week ago, I texted my best friend (Hannah) and I’m all like, “learn the piano to White Christmas!” She decided to learn this insanely complex version that was gorgeous, but… there was no way I would be able to figure out how to sing along in the time we had to rehearse. My response? “All right, buddy, fuck the piano. Who even likes pianos, anyway? Let’s make some acappella harmony magic.” Then we went to Goodwill and Walmart and found some holiday-themed decorations and festive t-shirts. The next day, she came to my house and tried to talk me out of her having to wear her “Merry Christmas!” t-shirt I bought her at WalMart. “Hell, no!” I exclaimed. The video (obviously) needed to be festive! We tried to hang up our decorations with masking tape because my mom told me that any other tape would make marks in the walls. Within one second, it becomes very clear that the decorations are not going to stay taped to the wall AAAAND my festive t-shirt (“Just Call Me Gramma-Claus”) had an itch factor rating of 1,000 (a.k.a. off the charts).

I was NOT in a festive mood. I was hungry and tired and the “Season’s Greeting” banner kept falling off the wall. I was not having it, but I kept saying to myself, “Think of all the hundreds of thousands of mailing list subscribers that will be heartbroken if there are no festive greetings from you!” We threw the harmony idea out the window because we needed someone to hold the taped ornament to the wall. So. It’s just me singing. Sorry ’bout that. Anyway. I hope this story inspires you to go after your dreams no matter what obstacles you may face. Feliz navidad, biscuits. <3

Someone called me irresistible!!!

If you’re in the Maine area, snag a copy of this month’s Dispatch magazine. It’s free, so you literally do not have an excuse not to. It’s a pretty snazzy review. I can honestly say that it’s the first time that anyone has called me “muscly” or “irresistible.” Granted the dude was talking about my music and not me, but I take compliments whenever I can get them. When I read it the first time, I was standing on a street in Portland with my best friend and got so excited that I tried, while hyperventilating and shrieking, to get the poor man who happened to be walking past me to read it. He literally ran away from me as I yelled quotes at him. I was like, “LISTEN! THEY CALLED ME IRRESISTIBLE!” I’m always expecting everyone else to be as excited as I am and no one ever is… Whatevs.




A good ole-fashioned rant

Back in May, I got a show booked for November and, as the date has neared, I’ve felt increasingly uneasy about it. Only in the past couple days have I begun to understand why I felt uncomfortable with it. The place I was to play was a 21+ venue. As an 18-year-old, I was allowed to play because I had made a special arrangement with the manager of the venue that implied a bit of rule-bending and a “we’ll let it slide this time” kind of thing.

This isn’t the first time I’ve had to make such an arrangement. I’ve played a handful of times at 21+ venues and I’ve never been okay with it, but I assumed that it was simply “part of the business”. It always left a very, very bad taste in my mouth. Isn’t the whole reason why I’m making music is to increase an overall sense of INclusion versus EXclusion? How wrong is it that I’m preaching that every voice deserves to be listened to, and yet I’m participating in the undermining, disrespecting, and mocking of the autonomy and independence that young people inherently have a right to? Venues that are 21+ are creating a schism in dialogue, helping to perpetuate the language barrier of younger generations attempting to communicate about social issues. My job is to spark and facilitate conversation, not to stop it before it has the chance to begin. So, from this day on, I’m going to do everything in my power to exclusively play all-age shows. I know from experience how much it fucking sucks to not be allowed to take part in massive chunks of the world because you were born in what feels like the wrong year.

Now that I’m in a superb mood to rant… here’s one last thing. I’ve been making music for a relatively short period of time, but already I have had countless people telling me how to write my songs, how to promote myself, where I should play, what I should say on stage, how I should behave in interviews, etc. These people have been mainly older (and by older, I mean older than me) men. Where would any woman be without the unsolicited advice and guidance of the men around them? HA. At the end of the day, there’s only one person that knows what I need to say and how I should say it – and that’s me. I crave the privilege that many men, and very, very few women, have – safe space to make mistakes without the fear of being marginalized and infantilized.

BOOM. That’s all I had to say, my beautiful biscuits. Until next time…

Officially Official

Last night was amazing! Thank you so much to everyone that came to the release party and snagged a copy of the new CD. It was an emotional roller-coaster of nervous breakdowns and jumping-jacks of joy. In all seriousness (and y’all know I’m never serious), I’m incredibly proud of this new project. I spent so much time on it and it’s really the first thing that I’ve made with my own two hands (and voice and guitar and stuff) that I’m really, really comfortable with and deeply want people to listen to. Makes sense? Maybe so, maybe no. Either way, you can listen to it on bandcamp. Hope you like it, fraaands.

P.S. I’ve been feeling a lot of love and support recently and it’s overwhelming me in a very positive way. Thank you, thank you, thank you x 1,348. I’m trying to get some shows together, so stay tuned! I shall be in touch soon.

The. Day. Has. Arrived.

It’s barely 2:30 in the afternoon and I’ve already washed off the crusty remains of an overnight mud mask, taken a nature walk with my dog, put a raw egg on my hair (it’s supposed to make my hair look “bouncy”), read my horoscope, and meditated. Who knows, I might even bathe and vacuum my room later. Why have I been on a manic spurt of productivity? Well, to help cope with my panic regarding tonight. Did I say panic? So sorry; I meant to say “eagerly awaiting a joy-filled night, abundant with creativity, communal support, and everlasting friendship.” You guessed it: tonight’s my EP release party!!! Hopefully y’all will come but if not, no worries, you can still give me money! Woo-hoo! Yeah, I said it, gimme the greenbacks, dolladollabillz. If all goes well, you’ll be able to listen and purchase this new EP on bandcamp by tomorrow evening. No promises though. Technology scares me. But I’ll attempt to post it anyway (such a martyr).

See you tonight, butter beans!

I hate change.

Which is why I eat the same thing for breakfast every single day of my life. But, alas, if only life was as simple as choosing between cereal types. Sometimes more difficult decisions bloom in the darkest of hours in the foggiest of nights: What is the meaning of life? Does anyone love me? Where is my path headed? What pizza toppings should I order? Well, one of these tough moments came up recently and, after HOURS of tireless, painstaking decision-making (that rhymes, bitches), I came up with a conclusion. Try not to freak out but… I’ve changed where my release party is located. It’s the same day, same time, and same city, but with one massive, life-altering difference… It’s in a different building.

So, my release party shall now be at Poland St. Please come, my beautiful butterflies! I’m super excited/nervous/pooping myself because I’ve been working on this project for what feels like lifetimes and I can’t possibly wait any longer to have people to listen to it. If I decide I love y’all enough, I might put up a song from the new EP in the next couple days to titillate your eardrums. Toot-toots, my lovers, and I hope to see your shining faces on the 3rd.

Saturday, 3 October 2015
Poland Street
26 Poland Street
Portland, ME, 04103
doors open at 7p, show starts at 7:30p
donations at the door, EPs available for $8



A strange man came to my house.

A mysterious, hunched man ambled down my driveway today. He left a box on my porch. My dog went ape-shit. And when I tiptoed outside in my ratty PJs, what did I find? Oh, only the handful of CDs that I ordered. “What are on said CDs, Morgan, dear?” JUST THE PROJECT I’VE BEEN WORKING ON FOR OVER A YEAR! To top it all off, you can snag a copy of the new EP on October 3rd at Local Sprouts. I can’t give you a ton more deets, but go ahead and plan on being inside Local Sprouts on the evening of October 3rd, moo-lah in hand, and your listening ears perked ’cause I’ll be playing some new tunes, bub. Be there. I’ll let you know more when I know more, but I was freaking out, so… you know, I had to share the news witchu.

Hugs and kisses!

And, by the way, welcome to all my new mailing list subscribers! Hey, gurl, hey! I love having people to email. For a while it was just my Grandparents (hi, Gramma and Papa!).

Let my voice enter your ears through the internet and in-person

I fiiiinally got on Bandcamp so now you can listen to my music while taking a shower, scrambling eggs, doing yoga, napping… I mean the options are literally endless. I hope y’all are proud of me because I made it all by myself and, as a technophobe, this was a big step on my journey of self-growth. Here it is:


I know, the URL is a total curveball. ALSO, I’m playing a show on the 31st at Poland Street. Yaaaay! We all love Poland Street!

Monday, 31 August 2015
Poland Street
26 Poland Street
Portland, ME, 04103

doors open at 7p, donations at the door

I have a huge surprise planned for the night – an unveiling of sorts. I can promise you, you’ll have never seen anything like it before. The show, one week away, will completely and utterly change your understanding of me, my music, life itself… It might even force you to recognize that what you call reality is simply a phantom-like creature floating away into the night sky.

All of that was total bullshit. I’ll just be playing guitar and singing some songs. But you should still totally come. SEE YOU THERE, LOSERS!

My heart has broken into a million tiny pieces.

It absolutely breaks my little heart to say this, but the show on Friday is cancelled! I’m so sorry, guys. I was super looking forward to it. I am working on scheduling another show sometime in August – same venue, same time, etc. Keep your ears perked up and I’ll let you know when it is but, until then, we’ll mourn the lack of giggage together. <hugs>