Underwater Video!

I’m not sure if y’all noticed, but I threw up (as in posted not upchucked) a video for “Slipstream” a few days ago. I tried shooting visuals for this song 3 different times and finally figured it out on the 3rd try. Watch it and let me know what you think!

Also, not to be a complete tease, but I recorded a couple songs the other day in a 90+ degree garage. With no fan. The garage part sucked, but I’ve been listening to the rough mixes and I’m freaking out over one of the songs. It’s pretty long (I’m repulsively pretentious – we all know it) BUT DAYUM IT’S GOOD. You’ll like it. Maybe. Well, I’ll share it soon and you can make up your own mind. Until then…love ya, tater tots!