Out of the Blue is NOT a safe space

I had a pretty disturbing and horrible time last night. I played at Out of the Blue, Too in Cambridge and after the show was sexually attacked by the manager, TJ Edson. He came in for a hug and wouldn’t let go, even after I told him to stop touching me. He pressed me up against the wall and started feeling me up and kissing me, while saying disgusting things in my ear. I literally shoved him off of me with all my might and ran to the bathroom where I had a severe panic attack. I can’t put into words how scared I was to leave the bathroom. I was all alone. I finally built up the courage to leave and quickly grabbed my guitars. TJ Edson started to follow me out but (thank god) stopped after I told him very strongly to get away from me.

I need your help. I don’t have social media. All I have is my website and my mailing list. I’m asking you to please share my story and tell other people that Out of the Blue is not a safe space. This isn’t about me getting justice or revenge; I’m terrified that this could happen again to another young, vulnerable artist. And, make no mistake – this was not a sexual act. This was a display of masculine violence as a form of silencing feminine power. Please help prevent this from happening again and spread the word on your Facebook or even tell your friends. Just please, please talk about this. I don’t want this to be forgotten.

In solidarity,