“Will It Away” live video!

It’s been so long, my little biscuits of desire. And, trust me, every day apart was a day spent in eternal torture. Fret no longer! (Get it? Fret? Because I play guitar? Hahaha.) So yesterday I went to this gorgeous church with acoustics that made my ears curl up and sob over the sheer perfection and shot a video of me playing an oldie but a goldie – “Will It Away.” It was on my first EP and it’s one of my favorite songs to play live. Playing it feels like when you were a kid getting into a really hot bath. You get in and you’re like, “Damn, my mom is crazy! Why did she make it this hot? My legs are being boiled al dente!” But then it starts feeling good and you’re like, BRING ON THE BUBBLES! So… uncomfortable, but then soothing bubbles. I’m not sure where I was going with this, but that’s how it feels to play this song. OH, and I edited this video all by myself! I’m so proud! I only hyperventilated four times! SCORE!