I made you a special Christmas present.

It’s a stunningly original rendition of White Christmas! Score! Watch here:



This video was a little bit of a disaster, but when there’s a will, there simply must be a way. Life presents you a hurdle and what do you do? You straddle it!! So about a week ago, I texted my best friend (Hannah) and I’m all like, “learn the piano to White Christmas!” She decided to learn this insanely complex version that was gorgeous, but… there was no way I would be able to figure out how to sing along in the time we had to rehearse. My response? “All right, buddy, fuck the piano. Who even likes pianos, anyway? Let’s make some acappella harmony magic.” Then we went to Goodwill and Walmart and found some holiday-themed decorations and festive t-shirts. The next day, she came to my house and tried to talk me out of her having to wear her “Merry Christmas!” t-shirt I bought her at WalMart. “Hell, no!” I exclaimed. The video (obviously) needed to be festive! We tried to hang up our decorations with masking tape because my mom told me that any other tape would make marks in the walls. Within one second, it becomes very clear that the decorations are not going to stay taped to the wall AAAAND my festive t-shirt (“Just Call Me Gramma-Claus”) had an itch factor rating of 1,000 (a.k.a. off the charts).

I was NOT in a festive mood. I was hungry and tired and the “Season’s Greeting” banner kept falling off the wall. I was not having it, but I kept saying to myself, “Think of all the hundreds of thousands of mailing list subscribers that will be heartbroken if there are no festive greetings from you!” We threw the harmony idea out the window because we needed someone to hold the taped ornament to the wall. So. It’s just me singing. Sorry ’bout that. Anyway. I hope this story inspires you to go after your dreams no matter what obstacles you may face. Feliz navidad, biscuits. <3