Someone called me irresistible!!!

If you’re in the Maine area, snag a copy of this month’s Dispatch magazine. It’s free, so you literally do not have an excuse not to. It’s a pretty snazzy review. I can honestly say that it’s the first time that anyone has called me “muscly” or “irresistible.” Granted the dude was talking about my music and not me, but I take compliments whenever I can get them. When I read it the first time, I was standing on a street in Portland with my best friend and got so excited that I tried, while hyperventilating and shrieking, to get the poor man who happened to be walking past me to read it. He literally ran away from me as I yelled quotes at him. I was like, “LISTEN! THEY CALLED ME IRRESISTIBLE!” I’m always expecting everyone else to be as excited as I am and no one ever is… Whatevs.