Officially Official

Last night was amazing! Thank you so much to everyone that came to the release party and snagged a copy of the new CD. It was an emotional roller-coaster of nervous breakdowns and jumping-jacks of joy. In all seriousness (and y’all know I’m never serious), I’m incredibly proud of this new project. I spent so much time on it and it’s really the first thing that I’ve made with my own two hands (and voice and guitar and stuff) that I’m really, really comfortable with and deeply want people to listen to. Makes sense? Maybe so, maybe no. Either way, you can listen to it on bandcamp. Hope you like it, fraaands.

P.S. I’ve been feeling a lot of love and support recently and it’s overwhelming me in a very positive way. Thank you, thank you, thank you x 1,348. I’m trying to get some shows together, so stay tuned! I shall be in touch soon.