I hate change.

Which is why I eat the same thing for breakfast every single day of my life. But, alas, if only life was as simple as choosing between cereal types. Sometimes more difficult decisions bloom in the darkest of hours in the foggiest of nights: What is the meaning of life? Does anyone love me? Where is my path headed? What pizza toppings should I order? Well, one of these tough moments came up recently and, after HOURS of tireless, painstaking decision-making (that rhymes, bitches), I came up with a conclusion. Try not to freak out but… I’ve changed where my release party is located. It’s the same day, same time, and same city, but with one massive, life-altering difference… It’s in a different building.

So, my release party shall now be at Poland St. Please come, my beautiful butterflies! I’m super excited/nervous/pooping myself because I’ve been working on this project for what feels like lifetimes and I can’t possibly wait any longer to have people to listen to it. If I decide I love y’all enough, I might put up a song from the new EP in the next couple days to titillate your eardrums. Toot-toots, my lovers, and I hope to see your shining faces on the 3rd.

Saturday, 3 October 2015
Poland Street
26 Poland Street
Portland, ME, 04103
doors open at 7p, show starts at 7:30p
donations at the door, EPs available for $8