Let my voice enter your ears through the internet and in-person

I fiiiinally got on Bandcamp so now you can listen to my music while taking a shower, scrambling eggs, doing yoga, napping… I mean the options are literally endless. I hope y’all are proud of me because I made it all by myself and, as a technophobe, this was a big step on my journey of self-growth. Here it is:


I know, the URL is a total curveball. ALSO, I’m playing a show on the 31st at Poland Street. Yaaaay! We all love Poland Street!

Monday, 31 August 2015
Poland Street
26 Poland Street
Portland, ME, 04103

doors open at 7p, donations at the door

I have a huge surprise planned for the night – an unveiling of sorts. I can promise you, you’ll have never seen anything like it before. The show, one week away, will completely and utterly change your understanding of me, my music, life itself… It might even force you to recognize that what you call reality is simply a phantom-like creature floating away into the night sky.

All of that was total bullshit. I’ll just be playing guitar and singing some songs. But you should still totally come. SEE YOU THERE, LOSERS!